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A Touristy Day in Copenhagen

Harbour Tour and Street-Wandering, 3 July 2010
This follows on from Veggie Dinner in Copenhagen. We took a harbour tour and then a wander to see what was going on.
As we leave the Hotel Opera at 8.30 on Saturday morning the streets are quite empty, except for the dark-skinned women who’ve been cleaning the offices and shops and are now making their way home. The woman in our hotel who is arranging the cleaning-materials trolley wears a headscarf.
We had eaten breakfast in our room, the remains of yesterday’s lunch. Next we seek some coffee (not worth the 100 kroner per person for breakfast in the hotel, when all we want is a coffee). We find some, at a café on a square. Café Norden. 70 kroner, £8.20 for two coffees, quite expensive. Good coffee.
Next, a ride on a canal boat. We get on the first boat of the day, 10.00, which is just as well because by 11.00 the boats are full to the edges; ours has only a handful of people.
First boat in the morning is half-empty, they fill up with a vengeance later on. In the background the national library (royal library) of Denmark.
On the way we pass the Ocean Countess cruise ship, Passenger capacity is 800 in 400 cabins, with a crew of 350, it says on Wikipedia. The ship was built in Copenhagen in 1974, apparently
And two more monstrous cruise ships, the AIDA Blu and the MSC Orchestra. There’s an internal view of parts of the AIDA Blu on YouTube. Mein Gott! And people pay to be so tortured?
The 10 am tourist boat makes its way back into the Nyhavn at the end of the trip.
People queue for the canal trip at Nyhavn. 30 kroner per trip (about €4) – very reasonably priced, especially in comparison with food and beer in Copenhagen.
A full canal tour boat makes its way from the jetty at Nyhavn.
The guide on our boat gives his commentary in Danish and English and it is clear that he is proud of the droll and self-deprecating sense of humour of the Danes. From example on pointing out the royal palace: ‘The queen needs this palace as she smokes a lot of cigarettes, you will see it has many chimneys.’ And on the famous mermaid, which at the moment is in Shanghai for the world trade fair: ‘The Japanese love to come and see the mermaid. In Denmark we believe it is because she combines their love of sushi and porn.’
Next we walk a bit around Copenhagen. Lots of tourists. Lots of bars and restaurants, all seemingly busy. The waterside is nice, with seats and benches so people can sit and relax.
The tale continues with Lakse Carpaccio.


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