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My most and least looked-at pieces, as at 4 October 2013
Most-visited blog piece:
In December 2012 the most looked-at piece was by far and away Typeface or Font Readability. That has now been marginally overtaken by Typefaces (Fonts) for People With Reading Disabilities. I am a bit bored with writing about the psychology of people’s perception of letterforms and I think I’ll bonk these typoface pages on the head soon. Though since so many people seem to want to look at them I haven’t done that yet.
Excluding ruminations on fonts – why did I ever get into that? must get the delete rubber ready – ‘rumination’ is defined in Wikipedia as ‘compulsively focused attention on the symptoms of one’s distress’, yes, that’s about right – aside from that it is not surprising, to me at any rate, that advice about the battle with Microsoft Windows follows on close behind: Multiple URL Icons in Windows 7 Taskbar.
And leaving aside the techie advice, well, it’s sex, innit? Italian Men and the Trans and High Heels and No Knickers. All a bit depressing, really. The Flickr photostream picture tally is more interesting, see below.
Least-visited blog piece (ie unvisited or barely-visited over the longest period).
There are quite a number of pieces that have only ever had one or two or a handful of people ever looking at them. Some of them are among my favourites, like:
And this one is even less looked at. It’s a bit long, perhaps needs breaking up and it peters out at the end, maybe it should be more than one piece, but anyway I like it in parts:
Most looked-at Flickr picture:
The top three now (4 October 2013):
There are few natural, that is unposed, pictures of office workers on the web. ‘Office Worker’ is by far and away the most frequent search phrase that finds my Flickr photostream.
No. 2 More office workers.
No. 3 ‘Women smoking’ is a frequent search phrase too. I like this photo though. My caption on the photostream says:
With a gap at the back of the high heel to catch the ash. Outside the Heron Tower on Bishopsgate, London. The more I look at this pic the more I like it. I especially like the gap in the woman’s high-heeled shoe, at her heel, that she can flick her ash into. For me it is The City of London, in a serendipitous click. It’s quite a nice composition too, don't you think? Kind of balanced, with the inverted V background at the right all busy with a bejeaned leg and a wheel, and the leftmost inverted V clean geometric lines and empty. I like the overexposed pavement too, just a hint of lines. I don’t normally comment on my photos which aren't intended to be artistic, they're intended to be a record, but this one – which was a bit of a chance click – I like everything about.
The top three in December 2012 were:
No. 1 then, No. 4 now. Not an especially good photograph. Its popularity will be because of the caption: Muslim Girl in Tight Jeans and High Heels. Lots of searches for Muslim women, or couples, I have noticed. This one is not a glamour photo, simply a kind of political statement about religion, but it gets found often nonetheless.
No. 2 then, No. 10 now – behind all the office workers – There aren’t all that many pictures of Saudi women on the web. Perhaps that’s why this one gets looked at a fair bit.
No. 3 then, No. 1 now.
Least looked-at Flickr picture (over the longest period)
Among many ignored masterpieces and not so master-pieces, I am disappointed that this one has had only three views since July 2010. It is one of my favourites. I call it ‘Post-modern Mermaid’ In Copenhagen the famous mermaid was away in Shanghai on a sales job. This young woman provided a post-modernist alternative, with her credit card, mobile and bra-strap. Behind her a harbour tour boat, and behind that the new Copenhagen Opera House.


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