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Multifold and Varygob

Travel and Living
In Sedbergh my home town

Life in Britain from an amazed observer’s perspective
Life in Italy from a head-banger’s perspective
Ramblings in Europe except for Britain and Italy
Ramblings in the World outside of Europe
Trains, Buses, Boats, Roads and Planes not the hardware, the riding upon
Technical Fings
Digital Art Experiments experiments with digital picture manipulation
Thoughts in Colour experiments with text colour over background colours
Coded Sniflets bits and pieces of programming code as I think to write them down

Politics, Sociology, Religion & all that
Carry On Quacking Ideas as they Bubble Up in the Bonce
Hard Currency obsessive observations about social topics
Politics and Religion thoughts on some of the more bizarre aspects of life
Strange Parallel Universes the world that I don’t live in
Moo Sick
Moo Sick thoughts and ponderings on matters tuney

Stories in Progress
Strained Elastic A Tale of a Fight to Escape – private blog available to selected users only.
I Should Have Run Away to Sea A Working Performance, or Curriculum Vitae in the Foreign – private blog available to selected users only.
Such Volumes of Stuff A Family History – private blog available to selected users only.
Personal Recollections and Thinkings


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