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Job 2 Art Student

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Anonymous said...

This is about the time that Little People hit the big time and played a gig at St Martins. I think you got us the gig. With you (12 string), me (mic and stool), Mikki Dadd (bs), Colin Cooper (gtr), Martin Guy (drs) and George someone (sax). Where was Stuart Lord? Roj

Haze Dweller said...

It was Divine Truth Barry what got the gig, in his role as social secretary or whatever it was. Who was George the sax? And was Stuart not there? I seem to remember that he was, or perhaps that was another occasion. It must have seemed big time to Mikki as he was sick in the kerb after leaving the Pillars of Hercules in Greek Street, where we'd been for a drink before the show. Sick with nerves, hardly with a pint or two! Then Mikki's new bass amp and speakers, a Fal Phase 40, that he was very proud of, failed to work. Fal failed. So he tinkered for a long time and eventually we started late and did not have the volume we might have wished for. The audience were enthusiastic but perhaps it isn't surprising that Barry never rebooked.

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