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Cross Folk in Bishops Stortford

April 2006
A minor detour to Bishops Stortford, which we’ve never visited before except for passing though on the train, and which is not too bad-looking a town. We had a pleasant walk in a large leafy park, and looked around the streets near the church as the local people were going out to dinner in their cars. I don’t know why, but each couple we saw getting into their tinted-window Range Rover, we assume off somewhere for dinner, looked angry and miserable, and drove their regulation 4-wheel away with an evident jamming into the gears. I wonder where they were going, that caused them to look so displeased. We ate in Pizza Express.
I can recommend a visit to Bishops Stortford, and if it is early evening keep a lookout for the large-car-driving locals who never smile, to see if my observation can be substantiated. Pizza Express is a place where all sorts gather, smilers and non-smilers alike, so that was OK, though we watched excruciatingly as a family of dad, two teenage children, and what we guess was dad’s newish girlfriend, tried to keep up a relaxed conversation over their pizzas – a scenario that we witness in restaurants quite frequently. This lot did pretty well we thought, in the circumstances.


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