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Chiquita Premium Bananas

How to get your product known all over the globe
Every street market that you go to, in every country in the world – or at least every country in Europe; probably the whole world – has stalls advertising Chiquita Premium Bananas.
Now that is just clever; it is marketing par excellence and the way it is done is by the use of sturdy, or sturdy enough, cardboard boxes. They are to be found on market stalls everywhere that sell, er, curiously enough anything but fruit and vegetables.
Oddly I cannot find any reference to this phenomenon on Google. I can’t believe that no one has ever noticed it, since it is so ubiquitous and widespread. The internet is a fine thing for giving you information, but there are sadly as yet quite a lots of gaps in the available information, and Chiquita Bananabox-spotting seems to be one such omission.
This page is dedicated to displays of Chiquita Premium Banana boxes.
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