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Slop-Squelched Sandwiches

The Office-Worker’s Lunch – October 2009
Office workers’ eat the most extraordinary things for their lunch, or at least the shops give them the opportunity to. There is a serious academic study to be done.
I have alluded before to the way in which the lunch eaten by office workers in London changes with the times; it evolves, according to what is the current norm, what is available, and how the shops that sell a worker’s lunch can set up a USP, a Unique Selling Proposition. London will tend to lead the way where others come to follow not too much later.
In Strutton Ground market, Westminster, in October 2009 I was looking at what is on offer in Simply Sandwiches – a shop that is clearly owned by someone whose family originates from India, Bangladesh or Pakistan. Among the filled baguettes on offer are:
‘Chilli BBQ Egg Salad’ and
‘Falafel and Chilli Mayo’.
Both would be far too sloppy for my liking, but then I am not an Westminster office worker. The flavours sound a bit post-modernist, they may well be a portent of things to come. I shall keep my eyes peeled, whenever I can, for what the office workers are consuming, and to see whether, in terms of pure yeach!, Chilli BBQ Egg Salad can be bettered.
More on sloppy sandwiches at Squelch Up Your Lunch, Children.


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