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Lakse Carpaccio

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unnawildt said...

If one should be completely correct, there is nothing called a smorgasbørd. There is something called smörgåsbord, but that's Swedish. The Danish equivalent is Det Store Kolde Bord (The Big Cold Table). The Danish equivalent of smörgås is smørrebrød.

Then there is the question of the Swedish krona (sing.)/kronor (pl.) and the Danish krone/kroner - plus a couple of more mishaps here and there, but I think a Dane could have done similar typos. And I haven't read the entire blog, so I don't know if you count everything in Swedish kronor - but given it is Copenhagen, I suppose that you don't.

Just sayin'. :)

Haze Dweller said...

Oh no! And I try to be so accurate with these things. Must remember in future, smørrebrød and kroner! Thank you Unna!

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