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Typeface or Font Readability

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Anonymous said...

Your font is too small, dumbass

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the font that you have used for this page looks horrible and difficult to read

Haze Dweller said...

I do change the fonts that are used on these pages from time to time, and their sizes. At the time of the complaints above the font was a Google webfont, Lato, at size 10pt.
I think that what may be happening is that some browsers are rendering font point sizes smaller than others,since many people find the size just fine. So rather than specifying the type size in points, I've now changed it to pixels. We'll see what transpires.

leslei fisher said...

I just stumble across your blog, thank you! Nice to see intelligent conversations about type. I did find it fascinating that although serifs overall are considered to be more legible (at least by traditional typography standards) that your entire blog as well as Linotype's are both completely in san serif! :)

Haze Dweller said...

@Leslei Thanks for compliment. I think there's little doubt that sans-serif fonts work better on computer screens - at the moment - though whether this is because we're used to that because older monitors were of poorer resolution and so serifs would not display well, I think maybe that's so. I predict a move to the fashion of serif fonts on screen as resolution gets progressively higher.

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