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Boiled Beef and Carrots

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Christopher said...

Hi, Haze Dweller, and thanks for getting in touch. Can't add much to your 'little analysis', I'm afraid, except to say that 'kite' is N.English dialect for stomach (etymology is uncertain), so we can wonder what it's doing in a Cockney song if it isn't just for the rhyme, and 'nipper' is fairly common all over the south of England as a colloquial term for a child, sometimes shortened to 'nip', and as a mode of address between children - I remember 'Hey, Nip, watcha doin?' and similar as a child.

Can't help with Derby Kelly. 'Derby' would be more likely to refer to the horse-race than to the town.

Billydoo is an anglicisation of the French billet doux (i.e. love letter.

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