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Really Nasty Print Quality

Firstprint/Print 24, April 2011
Look at the trimming on this:
I’ve put a pink rectangle in with Photoshop to show just how badly out this booklet has been trimmed by the printer. The printer is FirstPrint or Print 24, same company under two different names.
I’ve complained loudly to Print 24 about this. For you have to pay in advance, and they say they pride themselves on not making mistakes. They don’t seem to think it’s too bad. They offered me a 10 per cent refund and after some further complaining, a discount off the next order. There isn’t going to be a next order though, with quality like this that’s for sure.
What they have refused to do, is to reprint, which had they been a company that really prides itself on quality they would have done, for this is just terrible.
So all I can say is, don’t use Firstprint/Print 24. Too risky!


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